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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

IPTV & What it Means For You

One of the biggest up & coming sectors of the internet is IPTV. With broadband connectivity reaching greater numbers of homes, IPTV is reaching out for new and growing audiences. In the early stage, this was done through vidcasting, which is also gaining in popularity. Vidcasting is basically a podcast turned video. IPTV takes it one step further on the evolutionary road by producing shows on a schedule and offering live streaming as well as back episode downloads. Many streamed shows encourage audience participation with question and answer segments. Home multimedia centers with internet connection can be programmed to capture these shows just as it does with broadcast and cable tv. So, check out some IPTV, start creating your own show lists, and start watching tv that you are interested in and not what the broadcasters think you should be watching.

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